Who We Are

Veridic Solutions is a product based IT Strategy Company which presents a unique and first-of-a-kind product that enables IT Strategy and Business Strategy to constantly orchestrate organizational success on an on-going basis. We view IT through a lens which presents a holistic picture to deliver governable and executable plans.

At Veridic Solutions we not only advocate an aligned, agile and proactive IT but also inculcate these characteristics in ourselves with a technological leadership. We help simplify IT excellence and realize business value.

Veridic Solutions provides Consulting and IT Services to clients globally. These services are delivered through innovative technologies using a low-risk Global Delivery Model to accelerate schedules with a high degree of time and cost predictability.

Veridic Solutions

Fusion of Business and Information Technology

A product based approach to align business and IT strategy. Grappling with an over-demand and under-supply situation, IT has found itself :


Veridic Solutions unique product solution is packaged with world class consulting services offered in-house as well as in alliance with some of the leading global IT consulting services companies. These services complement FOBIT in simplifying the IT landscape to derive better efficiencies and business driven results. Services are provided around IT Strategy, IT Transformation and alignment. While these services help organizations assess, re-align and define goals, FOBIT helps them realize these objectives and goals as a way-of-life.

FOBIT Way helps you achieve

FOBIT, with its strengths and integration capabilities, poses a ripe opportunity for trusted IT Service providers to gain a competitive advantage and leverage the clients' pain points to their advantage.

* Task completion and dependency analysis

* Continuous monitoring and Predictability

* Ease of execution and accountability

* Risk management

* Transparency and Visibility

* Reporting