Remote Infrastructure Management

Veridic provides automated, continuous, 24x7 security, availability and performance monitoring of the client's IT landscape with proactive problem identification & solving. The state-of-the-art global delivery centre located in India, has been instrumental in delivering paramount security, quality, availability, redundancy, along with cost benefits. We expertly manage and carry out client's maintenance schedules and other administrative tasks and can automatically dispatch onsite service providers to address the mission critical issues depending upon the service levels desired.

The experience of our Certified Network Engineers and Technicians combined with our strategic parterships with technology resources such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell,and HP allows us the ability to competently evluate all of your organization's IT needs. Our solutions are designed to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and mitigate your business risks through their productivity and efficiency enhancing benefits.

Our Remote Infrastructure Service stack includes:
Helpdesk Services:
Veridic's remote service desk solution provides complete 24x7 help desk coverage - from call management to service request tracking to problem ticket management to change request management. Issues will be logged via a) email b) Telephone c) Helpdesk portal

Desktop Services:
Remote installation of required services like printing, remote access, software, configuration of application clients, email clients, antivirus updating, data backups, desktop scanning for security audits on the desktops/laptops. Onsite and remote support as required on a case by case basis.

Data center Services:
Remote Server configuration, Server hosting, server monitoring, server capacity utilization monitoring and reporting, patch management, OS upgrades, data migrations, and data and configuration backups.

Network Services:
Remote Network configuration for new requirements, Network device management for uptime, capacity utilization monitoring and reporting, data and configurations backups, managing network availability through proactive testing periodically for business critical accesses.

IT Security Services:
Security compliance and readiness for all existing and new IT services provided to the users to ensure that data security is given high importance while business requirements are not compromised.

BCP-DR and Remote Access services:
Managing the data and infrastructure availability for business critical deliverables to be delivered from a different location (ideally 100 miles away) if feasible or else a different building/premises in the same city and/or have remote access infrastructure setup for users to login from home/hotel/client location or when not in a position to come to office due to whatever conditions to connect to the network for accessing necessary resources for delivering client work.
Following are the key benefits of Veridic's Remote infrastructure management solution:
* 24x7x365 network monitoring
* Improving IT infrastructure uptime and productivity
* Better Return On IT Investment (RIO)
* Proactive problem identification and Preemptive problem resolution
* Transparency and control
* Access to domain expertise
* Industry best practices & quality
* Cost Efficiency: Drive down the IT infrastructure cost by as much as 40%
* Simplified operations management & Focus on core competencies
* Enhanced ability to adopt new technology
* Scalability on the fly: upgrade or down grade according to the requirements and avoid fixed overhead costs