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FOBIT (Fusion of Business & Information Technology) Unified Framework

FOBIT encompasses an integrated dashboard, business service management, scenario assessments and simulations, actionable roadmaps with risk management, effective IT governance, and compliance. FOBIT empowers the senior management to make informed, aligned, and optimized decisions for effective and efficient IT Operations.

FOBIT simplifies the IT landscape to derive better efficiencies and business-driven results. Services are provided around IT Strategy, IT Transformation, and alignment. While these services help organizations assess, re-align and define goals, FOBIT helps them realize these objectives and goals as a way-of-life.

Diagram of FOBIT unified framework.

FOBIT helps you achieve

  • Risk Management
  • Transparency & Visibility
  • Reporting
  • Task Completion & dependency analysis
  • Continuous monitoring and predictability
  • Ease of execution and accountability

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Product Examples

“On-Road”, a Mobile/PDA product for a retail company

A client needed a mobile/PDa/web application for sales reps to take orders while without a PC on the road. They needed a way to create a new customer, view customers, create a new order, view existing orders, search products by item, description; create an invoice, and print invoices remotely among other needs.

Veridic developed a retail orders subsystem as a service to integrate the created PDA application with the retail website and back-office systems. This synced and centralized real-time products, orders, customer data with mobile/PDA and other systems. This also included automated alerts in case of inconsistent product data, reduce mistakes in orders, sync orders online or offline to the back-office system, etc.

Wind Turbine data logging and live data monitoring system

Reflecting Blue Technologies required a technology solution for their renewable energy services. The client needed an integrated system to retrieve the live power generation from a wind turbine and integrate it with the MTC production Tracking System (govt. agency) to report the production data.

Veridic has developed Data Acquisition (DAQ) platform for wind turbine data acquisition, monitoring & control. This live data can be viewed from the web and wind turbines can be controlled from a desktop application. Enabled management and automation of reporting wind power production data to USA government agency. This system has been developed using the latest Java and .Net Microsoft technologies based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

SCADA Product

The requirement was to develop a laundry counting and processing system to enable the end-user to scan the invoice tag, monitor laundry bins & devices to know the status, integrate with other enterprise systems, process the laundry, count laundry, export and import processing data from enterprise systems, view production efficiency, view operator efficiency, determine system errors and devices faults, and include multi-language support (globalization).

Veridic Solutions created a multithreaded user interface (GUI) that shows the live status of each device and its details. This interface also allowed the user to configure each device from the windows desktop application and control the devices based on the scenario, developed reports to view operator efficiency, production efficiency, ability to monitor system faults, multi-language support (globalization), etc. This system has been developed using cutting-edge Microsoft .Net technologies, .Net remoting, Java for integration, XML-RPC, and SQL Server based on SCRUM agile methodology.

Trucking Management System

Inland Trucking needed a product that automated their daily business activities that required a lot of coordination with local, line haul, and regional trucking companies.

A product developed to target Freight Forwarders, Shippers, Manufacturers, and customs brokers by identifying proper route and vendor in consideration of cost and time. This product provided solutions to these problems by reducing the daily effort and increasing effective communication with vendors. This product was developed using Microsoft Java & .Net technologies based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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