Product Development & Management


Veridic is working with various product development companies such as IT strategy consulting, IT Service Management automation, Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Transportation verticals to develop and manage their products from its offshore' global delivery center.

Why Outsource New Product Development to Veridic?
Control: "Better control" is counterintuitive. One might believe that having daily contact with your inhouse engineering staff provides better control, yet the opposite is true. Our fixed cost engagement model bounds by cost, scope and schedule which highly motivates our team to accomplish the work. Moreover, our client get more control of offshore team not only on the overall project but also, on the requirements due to our agile process adoption in the product development lifecycle.

Knowledge Base: Relationship with quality product development firm like Veridic provides a wealth of knowledge that can be leveraged by customers. Product development will encompass a vast majority of information about process, materials, analysis, prototype methods, etc. Our continuous prestigious and complex requirements based product development engagements allowed us to develop and adopt standards and best practices with proven methods & tools.

Control: Often, the cost of product development is not a main issue, but rather it's the uncertainty of the cost that is the root of the problem. We assist in improved definition of development costs and reduce uncertainty over time. We recommend fixed-cost basis engagement model, provided that the project has sufficient definition and T&M engagement model when requirements are dynamic.

Infrastructure and Communication: With our dedicated enterprise messaging infrastructure, our customers can effectively communicate with offshore or onsite team more than ever without spending an additional penny. We utilize - Instant Messaging, document collaboration, secured FTP, VPN connection, co-location backups, dual internet service providers and other latest technologies.

Delivery: Our project management processes are based on PMI and Agile methodologies to deliver the software and to support services on-time and every time. We have adopted agile methodologies and technologies as a part of our software delivery management and implimented for our customer's IT department as well, which provides transparent and meaningful metrics to the project stakeholders within a collaborated environment. Our IT Service Management(ITSM) practices deals with the management of required service levels, availability, continuity, financial viability, security, and the necessary IT infrastructure capacity.

Service Support: Our ITIL based service support processes are automated using Fusion of Business & IT (FOBIT) framework, which includes service desk for request fulfillment, incident management, problem management, change management, release management, CMDB, and performance management. This helps us to support our customers with quality deliverables based on SLAs.

Our Product Development Experience Summary:

We are providing product development services our customers on various technologies - .Net, Java, PHP, integration with various opensource technologies/solutions, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, OPC, XML-RPC, SOAP, Restful, SOA.

"Unified Business-IT Alignment Framework" for an IT Strategy Consulting Company:
For an IT strategy consulting group, to develop a "FOBIT Unified Framework" to enable and forge the alignment of Business & IT connecting all facets of IT Strategy and IT Operations. Developed an integrated Web and desktop client tools to enable ITIL consulting services effectively - Configuration mgmt, Enterprise Arch standards, GAP analysis, Actionable roadmaps with Risk Management, Business Value and Economic Justification, Business Service mgmt. Used Microsoft .Net, Java, Jasperreports, MySQL server, MS SQL server, webservices, CMDB to develop and integrate the framework. Services & Solutions - Offshore engagement ; Provided SOA architecture ; OOAD Design ; Implemented RUP Process ; Application Development ; QA & Testing services ; Maintenance & Support ; Infrastructure Management ; Integration of VOIP Solution based on opensource asterisk.

"On-Road", a Mobile/PDA product for a retail company

PDA Client: Veridic works to solve the needs of small, medium and enterprise sized businesses that work in the area of mobile/PDA/web applications. We are specialized in developing Mobile/Web applications using Microsoft Technologies by providing best of the breed business solutions from application/product development to production management. This Mobile application solution is to take orders by sales reps on road without a PC requirement, Product solution was composed of client GUI and server side services with a reporting engine Implemented features on mobile application to create new customer, view customers, create new order, view existing orders, search products by item, description; create invoice, print invoice wireless, ability to scan the product bar code and input into application to reduce manual search/entry effort; upload orders, customers data to central server through webservices.

PDA application server: Veridic has developed a retail orders sub system as a service to integrate PDA application with online retail website and back-office systems to sales rep orders, products and customer information online. Features include synchronize the centralized real time products, orders, customer's data with mobile/PDA and other systems. Alerts incase of inconsistent products data, Reduce mistakes in orders, Sync orders online or offline to the back-office system etc.

Reporting for field Data: Veridic has integrated the back-end database with reporting engine, which allows end users to generate various types of reports and capable to export the reports into various formats - PDF, CSV, ODT, PPT, excel.

Wind Turbine data logging and live data monitoring system:

Veridic has signed a partnership with Reflecting Blue Technologies to provide IT solutions for their renewable energy services. As a part of the solution Veridic developed an integrated system to retrieve the live power generation from wind turbine and integration with MTC production Tracking System (govt. agency) to report the production data. Veridic has developed Data Acquisition (DAQ) platform for wind turbine data acquisition, monitoring & control. This live data can be viewed from the web and wind turbine can be controled from a desktop application. Enabled management and automation of reporting wind power production data to USA government agency, Green energy initiative requires customer to report produced renewable energy details to Renewable energy trust to get the grants and to generate RECs. This system has been developed using latest Java and .Net Microsoft technologies based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

SCADA Product

An Industrial Automation product, "Washing Plant Floor Management System" for a machine builder:
Requirement was to develop a system which integrates multiple hardware (washer, dryer, shuttles), monitor and control the devices by connecting via PLC. Implemented various features such as multithreaded user interface (GUI) which shows the live status of each device and their details. enabled to configure each device from the windows desktop application and control the devices based on the scenario, developed reports to view operator efficiency, production efficiency, ability to monitor system faults, multi-language support (globalization) etc. This system has been developed using cutting-edge Microsoft .Net technologies, .Net remoting, Java for integration, XML-RPC, and SQL Server based on SCRUM agile methodology.

SCADA Product: An Industrial Automation product, "Laundry processing and integrated accounting system" for a machine builder:
Requirement was to develop a laundry counting and processing system, which was developed as an windows based desktop application, to enable the end user to scan the invoice tag, monitor laundry bins & devices to know the status in multithreaded environment, integration with other enterprise systems, process the laundry, count laundry, export and import processing data from enterprise systems, view production efficiency, view operator efficiency, determine system errors and devices faults,multi-lanugage support (globalization) etc. This system has been developed using cutting-edge Microsoft .Net technologies, .Net remoting, OPC, XML-RPC,Java for integration and SQL Server based on SCRUM agile methodology.

Trucking Management System

A product developed to target Freight Forwarders, Shippers, Manufacturers and custom brokers by automating their daily business activities. Importing or exporting of goods involves inland trucking and airline/sea transport. Inland trucking require lot of co-ordination with local, line haul, regional trucking companies. To identify proper route and vendor in consideration of cost and time is a big challenge. This product provides solution to all these problems by reducing the daily effort and effective communication with vendors. This product was developed using Microsoft Java & .Net technologies based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).